The world’s biggest coffee chain is giving the world a way to order coffee without using an app, a move that will open up a huge range of options.

The move comes as the likes of Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts are expanding to new markets.

The new cafes will allow customers to order by phone and also allow them to order online.

The service will be available on smartphones from the next two weeks.

The Starbucks app allows customers to book a table and also gives them a choice to choose from a variety of coffee choices, from the “regular” beans to the “hot” ones.

The app also offers a menu of coffee options for the coffee drinkers.

It comes as Dunkin Donuts is expanding to New Zealand, where it operates cafes in Auckland and Dunedin.

Its mobile app also has its own mobile coffee shop and the option of ordering by phone.

Its new cafes, which are expected to open in April, are the first of its kind in the world.

The chain, which is owned by Starbucks’ parent company, Nestlé, has been testing the service in Australia and New Zealand.

A spokesman for DunkinDonuts said the service would be available in New Zealand by mid-April.

He said Dunkin’s cafes would be “the first to offer a full range of coffee to the public and it will be the first to deliver a mobile app”.

“This will be a welcome addition to Dunkin donuts service offering.

Dunkin won’t be the only coffee shop offering coffee online.”

Coffee delivery companies have also been trying to lure customers to their services, but some customers say they’re still frustrated by the technology that has led to so many coffee shops opening and not offering a simple way to pay.KFC, for example, is currently offering its mobile app to order its popular chicken sandwich.

It launched its mobile ordering service last year and it has now expanded to Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the US and India.

Dunkin Donut, which has 1,500 cafes worldwide, has also been offering its service in the US for about a year.

The service has been tested in New York, where Dunkin has been offering a coffee delivery service since last November.

It is the second company to offer mobile ordering and delivery services.

It also lets customers order through a smartphone app.

It has been available in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and New York.

A number of companies are now testing the technology to help them launch new cafes and expand their business.

Starbucks announced in September that it was opening a new café in Sydney, in partnership with the city’s first ever cafe bar.

Kiwi cafe chain KFC has also expanded to the Sunshine Coast and has opened a cafe on the main island of the island.

The New Zealand Food and Drink Federation has been trying for years to encourage the use of mobile ordering to bring more people online to shop.

But it has been blocked by the government and is not currently on a mobile ordering trial.