This restaurant may look like a cafe, but it is actually a French cafe.

It is located in the heart of downtown LA and serves food like it’s the capital of France.

It also offers French cuisine and wine at affordable prices.

But for $15 a person, you can try their French-inspired dishes, and the menu is a real treat.

The cafe is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., but they have limited hours on weekends.

A place where food is served with careThe chef at Cafe du Soleil is named Jean-Yves de Bourgogne, a French chef who studied under Michelin-starred chef Louis Malle in Paris.

“It was the best restaurant in France,” said Jean-Paul Mousseau, a member of the Paris Culinary Academy.

“There were no restaurants like it.”

The chef has been serving food in LA for decades, working on French dishes at various restaurants and restaurants in Paris before his career with the cafe.

The chef has lived in the French city of Lyon since 1992.

He now lives in Paris, working in the Michelin Guide restaurant program.

Mousseau said the chef, who has worked with Malle at Les Pommes du Nord and other restaurants, started his career at a restaurant called L’Arboretum in Paris in 1989.

The chef had a lot of experience working with chefs in Paris and had been working at L’Etoile in the past.

Moussouris family has owned the restaurant since the 1930s, and he has been working there since 1995.

It was named after Mousseaux, the famous French composer and a member, among others, of the Academy of Music, which he founded in 1973.

Moulins chef nameMousseaux is the third chef to serve in LA.

He joined the LA restaurant scene in 1997 and has been running the restaurant ever since.

In 2010, Moulins became a part of the Michellis guide program, which is run by Michelin.

It gives restaurants an opportunity to compete for a spot on the Michele guide, a list of the world’s best restaurants.

Moulis restaurant is on that list.

Moulin has served in the LA scene since 1994.

He started his cooking career in the Parisian Bistro Le Chocolat in 1994.

Moulsouris father, Pierre Moulin, also owns the restaurant and served in LA as a chef for almost 30 years.

Mulins restaurant has been named one of the best in the world by the Micheline Guide, which the Michelins awarded it in 2006.

Mousseux, a Parisian, has been involved in many different restaurants over the years, but the name MoulINS has stuck with him.

There is also an official Michelin star on the menu.

The restaurant is known as the French Cafe du Sorbonne, and it has a menu of French dishes that is named after the chef.

The menu is called the French Café.

While Mousseu’s name has been on the restaurant’s menu since 1998, he is still in the restaurant as a host.

He has also held cooking events on the weekends.

Musee de Bourgaours restaurantMousseux is a member and an honorary director of the Musee de Bégogares, the largest museum of French culture in Paris where many French and foreign art pieces are displayed.

The museum has a lot in common with Mouliens Paris restaurant.

Mèss Bourga, the founder of the museum, has a great passion for art and he loves to show it.

The Museum of Art, which opened in 2001, features a large collection of French art.

Moues Bourga also is the director of museums in France.

He has been a guest at the Museum of Science, Culture, and Design, where he hosted a program for children.

Mès Bourgas restaurantMèssoure is a chef and a co-owner of the restaurant.

He is the founder and former president of the Culinary Institute of America, which has been in the Culpepper section of New York City for more than 40 years.

He also serves as a consultant to Michelin inspectors.

You can learn more about Mèssoudes restaurant from his website.

In France, Mèses Bourga’s name means “father of the kitchen.”

It is a French term for someone who has an amazing passion for cooking and is able to inspire his employees to achieve their goals.

According to a 2009 interview with the Culinarian Magazine, Mousseaus restaurant has “a lot of history” in Paris that goes back to 1885, when Mousseauds father started working in Paris as a cook.

He was the chef at La Maison d’Avenir, a popular restaurant that also opened in Paris during that time.

Moussours father was also the