Tropical cafe menus are no stranger to controversy.

While the most common one is a mix of tropical and Asian dishes, many others are more traditional and have an element of “dessert” in their offerings.

But which are the best?

Let’s take a look at the top 10 of the best tropical cafe menus of 2017.


Tropical Café – Auckland, New Zealand This cafe has been around since 1998 and has since changed names to Tropical Cafe.

The menu at Tropical Cafe is based on a combination of the old and new, which is interesting given the menu has been on the menu for decades.

The Tropical Cafe menu has everything you need, but it’s the drinks and desserts that are so unique and different.

This menu includes a tropical pineapple cocktail and a tropical mango smoothie with coconut ice cream and mango liqueur.

It’s a little pricey, but if you’re into tropical drinks, you might not be able to resist the drinks here.


Tropical Cafe – Wellington, New York In 2017, Tropical Cafe expanded to its second location in the city, with a new menu that features an island menu, as well as a tropical lounge, a dessert bar and a cafe for brunch.

The menus for Tropical Cafe are based on old favorites, like the tropical mango and pineapple cocktail, which are delicious, but don’t come cheap.

This Tropical Cafe cocktail is served in a champagne glass with a mango and lime base and the mango lube is made with coconut water.


Tropical Club – New York, New Jersey If you’re looking for a tropical cafe experience, then you should definitely check out Tropical Club, a cafe that is currently open in the City of New York.

Located at 1138 West 24th Street, Tropical Club serves up cocktails with tropical elements like coconut water and coconut sugar syrup.

The cocktails are served in cocktail glasses with tropical fruit and tropical fruits.


Tropical Kitchen – Washington, DC If you want to indulge in some delicious food at your tropical cafe, then Tropical Kitchen is your place.

The kitchen is set in a tropical themed area, complete with coconut trees, tropical fruits, tropical lilies and other tropical decorations.

The coconut cream tea is one of the better dishes on the list and is very sweet and delicious.


Tropical Restaurant – Washington D.C. The restaurant is located in the Washington D the DC, so it’s not quite as far away as you might think.

The interior of the restaurant is very tropical, complete to the rafters with tropical plants.

There’s a bar in the middle of the room that’s full of tropical drinks and tropical decorations, including a coconut tree, coconut sugar cane and coconut fruit.

It may be a bit pricey, however, if you want the food at this tropical cafe.


Tropical Lounge – Melbourne, Australia If you’d like a tropical twist on a classic American restaurant, then the Tropical Lounge in Melbourne is the place to go.

This cafe is based in a new and exciting part of Melbourne, called the CBD, which means that the menu changes daily, so you’ll definitely want to check back in each day.

This is a tropical restaurant, with cocktails made with tropical fruits and tropical spices, which sounds like fun.


Tropical Bar & Grill – Portland, Oregon This restaurant has been open for nearly two decades, but in 2017 it was rebranded and moved to its new location in Portland, Maine.

This restaurant features a menu of tropical beverages and tropical drinks with tropical flavors, including coconut milk ice cream, coconut fruit ice cream.

The drinks are served with a coconut water base and coconut ice creams.


Tropical Dining – Melbourne (Australia) If you are looking for some tasty tropical food, then check out the new Tropical Dressing restaurant in Melbourne, which has the ability to create tropical cocktails, with ingredients like coconut and coconut water as well.

The Dining Room is an outdoor space with a patio and outdoor seating, and the drinks menu has tropical fruit, coconut water, coconut milk and coconut creams along with tropical drinks.


Tropical Grill – Las Vegas, Nevada This restaurant in Las Vegas has been serving up tropical meals for almost 40 years.

The food here is very different from the food in other places, and this menu has a tropical element to it, with tropical ingredients like lime, coconut, mango, mango limes and coconut mocha.

This may be too expensive, but the menu at the restaurant features tropical drinks like a coconut cream drink and tropical ice creamer, along with cocktails like the coconut milk cocktail and coconut liqueurs.


Tropical Catering – Los Angeles, California This restaurant offers a tropical menu, featuring dishes like a lime margarita with coconut milk, coconut ice-cream and mango drinks.

The desserts are also made with fresh ingredients, such as coconut ice, coconut juice and coconut milk.