Green Street Café in Los Angeles is a cafe that’s opened its doors to serve breakfast and lunch to those living on the edge.

The cafe has been open since August of 2016.

“This was our first business, so we were pretty new to it, so it was a bit of a weird experience,” co-owner Emily Larkin told CNN.

The cafe has opened its menu to serve food to people who live on the Los Angeles streets.

It’s a concept that is still evolving and the cafe is currently looking to expand into other locations.

“I love to eat here, so when the cafe opened, I was like, ‘This is going to be amazing,'” Larkin said.

The cafe also offers breakfast and sandwiches.

The breakfast menu is served with a homemade biscuit, sausage and gravy, and green salad.

It also has an “all-day breakfast” menu.

The lunch menu includes a variety of salads, and the breakfast menu includes breakfast sandwiches.

Larkin said the cafe offers the best breakfast sandwiches in the area.

She said her customers often ask her if they can use the restroom, so they get to eat before going to work or school.

Larkin and her husband started the cafe after a business trip to New York City.

The couple has since been open to serving breakfast and lunches in the neighborhood.

Larkins family has been living on an upper floor of the cafe.

They’re currently trying to get a permit to open a second location.