The recent announcement that the norma games cafe was going to be shut down has had a ripple effect on the rest of the industry.

As a result, a lot of people are feeling the pinch.

A lot of the things that you can expect from a good cafe, and some of the common ones that are coming in to the normas cafe, are things that would have never happened a year ago, say the people involved in the operation.

If you have been following the news at all, you’ve probably heard that the cafes are going to close and that the owners will be paying a $15,000 penalty.

The cafe’s owners are now in talks with the city of Denver to make the cafe’s future workable, and if they can’t make it work in the interim, they’ll be able sell it.

That’s a great outcome.

It means that the community that has been supporting the normanas cafe for years is going to have a place to go.

But in some ways, the cafe was a very, very good thing in the first place.

It’s been a source of community for many years, as well as a community hub for many other businesses in Denver.

As such, the community has been very supportive of the cafe.

And while there are a lot more people in the industry who feel that the cafe has been a good source of business, the business itself is doing okay.

I mean, if you ask me, the normans cafe is the only cafe in Denver that has a website.

I’ve been to a lot, but I’ve never been to one that has something like that.

And the fact that the business is thriving, and that people are paying money for a good time and a good place to hang out, that’s great.

But now, the city is asking for $15 million to continue operations for another year, which seems like a lot.

But it’s also going to mean that the café is going down, and in order to keep it going, it needs a lot bigger space.

So in order for the city to make sure that it can continue to keep the cafe open, the owner and the cafe are in talks about a $2 million payment to make it a viable business, and $15m for the cafe to pay for that space.

I mean, what kind of business is that?

I mean there’s a lot to it.

There’s a million things that can go wrong, and you know what, this is a very complex and difficult issue.

But in order, I mean the cafe is actually a very good example of what happens when you’re a community cafe that has grown over time and become something that people actually want to be a part of.

The thing that has caused this is that the city has not done a good job of working with the business.

I guess you could say that they didn’t have a plan.

They just didn’t want to do a good deal with the businesses that were in the neighborhood.

They’re going to put this amount of money into a project that they can then have to do the next thing, and they’re not prepared to do that, or they’re going, “Okay, fine, let’s put it on hold, but we’re not going to give it up because we don’t have the money to do it.”

The problem is, the coffee industry is very, much like the economy.

You know, we need to get a little bit more innovative, and to keep up with changing technologies.

And if the city really wants to get this economy going, they need to figure out how to get more people to be part of the community.

But that’s not going have a lot in common with the economy of a cafe.