When you walk into Nordstrom in downtown New York, you’ll find a splash-themed cafe.

It’s the first time I’ve been to a store that has a splash of color and a splashy design.

The store has a variety of different splash cafes, from the popular splash cafe in downtown Los Angeles to a splash lounge in Miami.

Nordstrom has also opened a splash bar.

I had the chance to try one for myself.

It has the feel of a poolside bar, but it has a dash of splash.

It is bright and colorful and is perfect for parties, picnics and family gatherings.

It also has a drink selection.

At Nordstrom, a splash café is like a pool party.

The splash cafe has a menu of drinks and food options, like a splash cocktail.

You choose the drinks and the food.

When you’re finished, you take your time to admire the splash.

You’ll have fun.

What’s a splash?

A splash is the most popular of all beverages, like ice cream, iced tea or iced coffee.

It’s typically used to create a splash when you mix ice cream or water together.

How do I find a splashing cafe?

Nordicle has splash cafes in New York City and Los Angeles.

In New York and Los Angeles, Nordstrom has a mix of splash cafes and splash bars.

In L.A., they have splash bars, but they are mostly in small restaurants.

In Miami, there are splash bars in bars and restaurants.

Splash cafes and bar are the two most popular in most cities.

If you’re shopping in Miami, you can find splash bars and splash cafes near Miami Beach, and you can even find splash cafes outside of Miami.

Nordie is a pop-up shop that has been open for a few years.

The pop-ups have a splash menu, so you can mix and match drinks.

There are splash drinks and splash drinks mixed with water.

They also have a mix for a special occasion, like wedding or baby showers.

If you’re looking for a bar, Nordie offers a splash bartender service, which is similar to an ice-cream bar.

They are more expensive than the ice-curd bar service.

They can also have ice-cake drinks, which are flavored with whipped cream.

For a splash, you will have to pick the drink that is best for your mood and personality.

For example, if you like a drink with a splash to help you calm down and relax, you would want to go with a bright and refreshing splash.