An old friend has a new way of making your morning coffee.

You can call it the Blue Moon Cafe.

Its located in the heart of the Old City in East Jerusalem.

Its the place where you can pick up a cup of coffee or a coffee machine and you can make your own coffee.

Its also where the coffee maker is located.

You can get it from the coffee shop, but also from the cafe itself.

You get a cup that is made from a different recipe.

They also sell a tea cup, which is like a tea towel, and a sandwich, which you can buy at the cafe.

It has been around for centuries.

The café has been a staple in the Old Jerusalem neighborhood.

There are different varieties of coffee, including the green and white, and the black, white and orange varieties.

But one thing that the cafe has in common with other cafes is that its called the Blue Sun Cafe.

It’s located in a building in Old City.

Its a place where people can get coffee from various cups, from coffee cups, to cups made from different types of coffee beans.

It is also a place for coffee makers.

So if you need to make your morning cup, you can go to the cafe and order from the cups.

The cafe opened its doors in 2016 and its been open for more than 20 years.

The Blue Moon Café is one of many cafes in the old city that offer different types and sizes of coffee.

The owners, Naim El-Dawla, and his wife, Fatima, started out in the coffee industry and now offer a variety of coffee drinks.

They are also selling coffee machines and coffee cups.

The coffee machine is their main business.

Fatima El-Hawa is one half of the duo that runs the Blue Moons Cafe, while Naim runs the other.

El-Hwaas wife is a master of the tea, and they have been brewing tea in their shop for over 40 years.

El Hwaas family is from the Old Town, and it is here where they have a passion for coffee and tea.

The coffee is not just for the coffee shops, but for the restaurants, cafes and other businesses.

The cafe sells coffee from all over the city.

It’s not just coffee that is sold in the cafe, but many types of tea as well.

They sell teas from different countries.

For example, there are teas that are made with black tea from Morocco and black tea that is from China.

They have a large selection of teas, including a special type of tea called the ‘Chocolate’ tea.

You may know the name Chocolate tea, because it’s an almond tea.

It is made with dark chocolate, and has a sweet taste to it.

The chocolate has to be aged, which takes two to three years.

Then there are many teas with the names of African countries.

It has to go through three to five years in the brewing process before it is ready for sale.

The name Chocolate is one.

There is also one tea made with green tea, which has a slight flavor to it and is used in tea ceremonies.

The tea that El-Khalil sells is made by himself.

He sells it to cafes in Jerusalem and to other places around the world.

He has been selling his coffee in Jerusalem for more years than I have been alive, and he is not afraid to share his passion with the world by opening up a café that serves different types.

I’m glad that my family has opened up the Bluemoon Cafe.

It opened in the city of Jerusalem in the 1980s.

They opened it in the very heart of Old City, in a very traditional place.

I feel happy because I know that it will be a place that I can go back home to, and to the people of the neighborhood, and I want to serve my family here.

It was the first cafe that opened in Jerusalem, and my family is proud of it.

I am proud of my family and I am happy for them.