A lost pet cafe in Adelaide’s inner-city suburb of Geelong has been found and is being cared for by the local dog walker.

Key points:The dog cafe is in the city’s Little Stirling area and the owner has given a statement to policeThe cafe was discovered on Wednesday morning after being abandoned in the Adelaide CBDMr Henson said the owner of the dog cafe has given the police the details of his dog’s last movementsThe owner of a dog cafe in the South Australian suburb of Little Stirlings has given police the address and details of the location where he found the dog in the past week.

“I am so sorry, I was so shocked and so sad.

I have been doing this for a long time and I was expecting something like this,” Mr Henson told ABC Radio Adelaide.”

My dog is in great shape and is very healthy, he is quite playful.”

He will do whatever I want him to do, I can’t ask him not to go to the store and I will feed him.

“The dog has just lost a pet and he was not going to go into the store to get something, he was going to feed him at home, he’s not going into the street and he’s going to get to the corner shop to buy a box of food.”

Police have launched an investigation to find the ownerThe owner has told police he had no idea the dog was lost until he returned home on Wednesday.

“It was the morning before, I’m sure he was sleeping, he came home from work and I noticed that he was sitting in the back yard with a crate on,” Mr Whelan said.

“There was a bit of dust around the crate and he wasn’t very active so I went and opened the crate, I noticed he was missing a leash.”

Mr Whelans said he thought the dog had been in the backyard playing for a while, but when he got home, the crate was gone.

“We took it to the vet and the vet told us that it wasn’t him, it was the dog,” Mr Tippett said.

The owner had given police a statement, saying he had been missing his dog for around two weeks.

“That’s all we know,” Mr Eriksen said.

Police have spoken to the owner and are awaiting a report from the vet to determine the cause of the loss.

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