BISUBANNA, India — BISSBANNA: The new owner of the popular cafe in this seaside town, which has been in business for almost 50 years, says he plans to open up a second location in the town of BISABANNA in next three years.

The new owners of Cafe Tacuba in BISSPANNA plan to open a new cafe, Cafe Tacubanana in BISHOPANNA by the end of this year, with a capacity of 30 people.

The cafe will be the third location for the business, after the one in Bishopanana, which is owned by former owner of Cafe Cafe BISHOBANNA.

CASTING A NEW FACE At the same time, Mr. Surya Gautam, a member of the Bishobanana town council, says the owners plan to create a brand new cafe in Biscayne Bay.

“There is a need to bring people in the community who are interested in a good quality of life,” Mr. Gautama said.

He said the new cafe will serve “delicious food, good service, good value and good food quality”.