Brunch cafe chain Firebowl Cafe is closing for the holidays due to financial difficulties and will reopen next year, the chain’s chief executive has said.

Firebowl is an Australian chain that has opened up branches in New Zealand, Ireland and the US and has branches in Australia, Canada, Japan, the US, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Its founder, Mike Smith, said the chain had been struggling to make ends meet since the financial crisis hit in 2008.

“We’ve had to make a very difficult decision,” Mr Smith said in a statement.

He said the company had been “relocating to a new location in Adelaide for a few years” and was now “close to closure”.

“Firebowl Cafe has been very successful in Australia and we’ve had a very successful run for many years, but we’ve now had to close the doors and go back to what we have always been about: a fresh, exciting breakfast for the people of Adelaide,” he said.

“I am really sad that we won’t be able to continue to offer you the delicious food you’ve come to expect at Firebowl, but hope that we can provide some other tasty new food in the future.”

Fireblade, another popular Australian cafe chain and a major player in the breakfast market, is set to close next year.

According to the Australian Business Spectator, Mr Smith is expected to retire at the end of this year and the chain will no longer operate in the Adelaide market.

The announcement follows similar closures in other states in recent years.

Earlier this year, Burger King Australia announced it would close its Adelaide and Canberra locations, citing the “ongoing challenges” it faced in securing a lease.

Burger King is also closing its Brisbane and Sydney stores.

A Burger King spokesman said in the statement the company “continues to be committed to the Adelaide and Brisbane markets” and said it would “revisit our business portfolio to support our customers”.

A spokeswoman for Burger King said it “remains committed to Adelaide” but would “look to expand its breakfast menu”.

In the meantime, Burger Kings in the US will close its Melbourne, Sydney and Perth locations this Christmas.

Last year, McDonalds Australia said it was “taking the first step” to open a “fast food” restaurant in Australia.

In a statement, the Australian arm of McDonalds said it is “open to the idea of expanding the business” in Adelaide, but it “can’t give an indication on when that may happen”.

Earlier today, McDonald’s announced it was investing $500 million into a burger joint in Adelaide and plans to build a second McDonald’s franchise in South Australia.

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