A new cafe fridge from the French cafe chain L’Oreal is in trouble with the law.

The company said it received a letter from a local authority in France which said it would need to close the cafe by 31 December, according to Reuters.

“The letter states that the café has been closed since February because of the outbreak of the virus,” a spokeswoman said.

L’Oretre said it has since started a court case against the local authority.

A cafe fridge can only be sold after it has been given a fresh coat of paint and new sealings, and if the customer has not left their premises by 31 March.

This means that the cafe would need another lease deal to be allowed back on.

L’Oréal has been hit by a series of scandals over the last few years, including a scandal over a botched new lipstick in 2013, and a food safety scandal in 2014.