The coffee chain Flying Biscuit is best known for its signature Flying Pancake, but its newest cafe in Jerusalem has a much more interesting history.

The restaurant opened in the Palestinian-controlled area of Beit Hanoun in 2014.

It’s the first cafe in the area to open in Israel, but the Palestinian owners, Sari al-Nakht, and Yael Naim, say the space is meant to be the hub of their business.

Naim says they wanted to give customers something to talk about in Jerusalem.

“We wanted to start our journey in Jerusalem, not in Tel Aviv,” Naim said.

“We want to have a dialogue with the community and show people that we have something to offer.

We wanted to bring our people together and show them the best of Jerusalem.”

The first cafe, located in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Beis Hanoun, opened in 2014 in the Israeli-controlled part of the Palestinian territories.

It was named after the Jerusalem district it’s based in.

A photo posted by The Jerusalem Post (@thejpost) on Mar 3, 2018 at 10:24am PDT “The name of the restaurant is the same as the Jerusalem street that we are based on, the Al Aqsa Mosque,” Nam said.

The location is also the same one where the founders of the Jerusalem café were arrested in 2014, but Naim and Naim say they hope the cafe will help create an atmosphere that would help ease tensions between Israelis and Palestinians.

“People want to stay in Jerusalem,” Namm said.

But the founders say the cafe, as well as other businesses in the neighborhood, are only there to serve the Jewish and Muslim community.

“The Palestinians are trying to destroy the cafes and the businesses that are in Jerusalem by using every way possible to push them out,” Niam said.

Nam and Najjar, who both hail from Jerusalem, started the cafe when they decided to open a restaurant in the city.

The idea for the establishment came after a group of Jewish tourists visited Jerusalem, and they decided that a restaurant would be a way to make friends with them.

The owners said the café has been serving their Jewish customers since then, and even has a Jewish community member serving them.

They’re planning to open an Arabic-speaking cafe in another neighborhood of Jerusalem, but they’re keeping it a secret until they can open the new cafe.

The founders say they’ve already started to work on the cafe’s décor and interior design, and Namm says they’ve also started to plan for the future.

“I hope that in a few years we will be able to reopen the cafe and bring people back to Jerusalem.”

Watch the video above to see the cafe in action.