Posted November 29, 2018 07:03:59 A cafe in Nova Scotia has shut down for 90 days, saying it is “not comfortable” with its menu and atmosphere.

Firebowl Cafe opened on Tuesday in the city of St. John’s in the province’s southernmost Atlantic region.

The cafe’s menu includes hot dogs, burgers and burgers and sausages, but not its signature dessert, firebowl cake.

It says it will have its next meal on Friday.

The news comes a day after a Nova Scotia restaurant owner says she will not reopen her restaurant until she can serve her firebowl dessert.

“We are a little bit stressed about what’s going to happen, especially since we are still in the process of opening our doors,” said Jamie Smith, owner of the restaurant Firebowl.

“It’s definitely not comfortable.

We’re just trying to find someplace else to eat.”

Firebowl is located in a downtown St. Johns neighbourhood where the Nova Scotia Tourism Development Corporation says the area is one of the best tourist spots in the region.