Meet the patrons at the restaurant that will become Patrons for Upfront.

The new restaurant is called Patrons Cafe, and it’s located at 3115 Westheimer, in the Marina District.

The restaurant will have seating for 60 guests, which is not the capacity of the original Patrons, but the new restaurant will be more intimate.

Patrons will get to choose from a wide selection of desserts, drinks, and other dishes.

The decor is also updated, with an outdoor patio and patio seating for dining.

The space will be completely renovated for Patrons.

There will also be a lounge for guests to lounge, relax, and enjoy the beautiful Marina.

It’s also a great spot to watch the sun set, as Patrons are not allowed in the shade of the trees.

The cafe has been open for about four months, and there are already over 400 Patrons and patrons.

This is a great way to spend some time with friends and family.

If you are looking to start a business, you might want to check out the UpFront Cafe website.

This restaurant will only be open for a few weeks before closing, so check back for updates.