The sunflower café at the New Zealand pavilion of the 2020 Olympic Games has been converted into a sun-kissed outdoor cafe.

It’s the first time a coffee shop has been dedicated to the sun, which the cafe was built for and is known for.

Sunflower cafe manager Matt Leong says it’s been an incredible experience and an important moment for us as a cafe owner.

“We’re really excited to have this new space that’s going to provide the opportunity for our customers to experience it and have the opportunity to eat there,” he said.

The cafe is a blend of local and international styles of coffee.

It’s a really good fit for the pavilion and we’ve had people come from as far as France, Belgium and New Zealand and all the way up to Hong Kong.

“The cafe has a lot of great views and we really appreciate the people who have been coming here over the years.”

This is going to be the first location for us and the sunflower season is coming to an end.

“The cafe will be open every day from 9.30am to 6.30pm and will be a focal point for the sun on the pavillon, Leong said.”

It’s definitely going to make the sun more prominent here.

“Sunflower Cafe owner Matt Leung said the cafe is looking forward to celebrating the season by having sunflower tea, sunflower juice and sunflower cookies.

He said the café has also become a focal area for local farmers, with the coffee beans being grown in the cafe.”

What’s great about it is the farmers are now coming in here and the farmer’s market is here and people are coming in to shop and eat there, so it’s really helping out with local agriculture.

“The sunflower Café will be the site of a solar-powered solar-tracing booth and will provide a glimpse into the future of solar-energy in New York City.