Rose cafe in the village of Iltar, a few kilometers from the Turkish border, has shut its doors in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The cafe, which was opened in the 1950s, said on its Facebook page that it has closed its doors because it is now experiencing severe respiratory complications.

The statement continued that the cafe has already paid its debts.

The cafes owner said the closure of the cafe would not be the last.

The owner of the Rose cafe, Mehmet Şahin, said he had also asked the government to pay for the health care of the owners and employees.

The closure of Rose cafe follows that of the Lighthouse cafe in Mersin.

The Lighthouse café, which is located in the same village as Rose cafe and was opened by the same owner, is the only cafe in a town of 100,000 people that is not currently functioning.

The Rose cafe has closed down its doors for several days due to respiratory complications caused by the virus.

The cafe was set up in 1962 and the cafe’s owner, Mehmed Çakir, said the cafe was established by the Ottoman Empire in order to help the Turkish people survive the ravages of the pandemic that hit Turkey in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The virus had a devastating effect on the tourism industry in Turkey, with the country’s tourism industry falling by 45% in 2015, according to the Istanbul-based Bursar Group.