The most visited coffee shops are often the most popular ones in the world, and the best cafes in Europe are where people from around the world go to find their next cup of joe.

The Irish Independent recently ran a list of the top 10 most visited cafes in the EU, with a focus on the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Here are the top ten cafes in each country, ranked from the most visited to the least so far: Ireland: 3.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Dublin 1,521,000 points Switzerland: 3, Tournai, Zurich 2,049,000points Belgium: 2.

The Cafe de la Mer, Brussels 1,619,000 Points New Zealand: 1.

La Scala, Auckland 1,614,000 New Zealand  – 1.

The Royal Inn, Auckland, Auckland 2,000,000 The Netherlands: 1, The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam 1,500,000 Denmark: 1 (2nd).

The Royal Hotel, Copenhagen 2,100,000 Finland: 1(2nd), Karelia 3,300,000 Germany: 1 the Café de Ville, Munich 3,000 , Netherlands: 2(1st), The Rheinbarth 1,200,000 Sweden: 2 (2), Café Rheine, Stockholm 1,400,000 Norway: 2 The Risenskapelle, Oslo 2,200 points UK: 2 Cafe Le Roi, London 2,500 points Germany: 3(1), Rheinfelde 2,800,000 Belgium: 3 (1), The Kerkhof, Brussels 2,700,000 France: 3 The Kogelberg, Paris 1,700 points The Royal Palais, Paris 2,900,000 Italy: 3 Risso di Pisa, Pisa 2,400 , Netherlands and Denmark: 3 Ville Vainque, Amsterdam 2,600 , Belgium: 4 The Le Carre de Lumière, Brussels 3,400 points Austria: 3 Cafe Boulogne-Billancourt, Vienna 2,300 points Czech Republic: 3 Luka, Prague 2,150 points Italy: 4(2), Le Corbusier, Florence 2,550,000 Portugal: 3 Speranza, Lisbon 2,250 points Spain: 4 La Boca, Madrid 1,900 points Belgium: 5(1) Cafe Bordeaux, Paris 4,300 , Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark (2): The Royal Opera House, Brussels 5,600,000 Netherlands: 5 The Ritrovia, Amsterdam 3,600 million Finland: 6(2) Café España, Helsinki 1,800 million France: 6.

The Vogue Hotel, Paris 6,000 million Belgium: 7(2): Ritz Hotel, London 7,000m points United Kingdom: 7 The Rodeo, London 6,300m points Finland: 8(2)-(3) Café Le Marche, Paris 5,900m points Denmark: 8 The Royal Biltmore Hotel, Brighton 6,600m points Germany and Austria: 8 Rodeborde, Berlin 5,500m points Italy and Denmark(4): The Opera House of Palermo, Palerma 3,500 m points Netherlands: 9(3)-(4) Café de la Lune, Amsterdam 4,000 m points United States: 10 The Rittenhouse, New York 7,200 million Germany: 11(4)-(5) The Grand Hotel, Munich 6,500 million France, Spain and Switzerland: 12(4-)(5): The Grand Café, Paris 8,000-m points The Viva Cafe, Barcelona 8,200-m Points United States and Canada: 12 The Rochambeau, Chicago 7,500-m Point United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand(6): The L’Oreal Beauty Lounge, New Zealand 5,000 Point Canada: 13(5)-(6) Café Boulon, Montreal 3,700-mpoint Germany, Austria, Finland and the United States(7)-(8): The Hotel Victoria, Toronto 4,400-m point Germany: 14(7) The Lido, Berlin 4,700m point Italy, Denmark and Belgium(9)-(10): Le Monde, Paris 3,200 m Point Australia: 15(8) The Gagosian, Sydney 4,100m point Denmark, Switzerland and the US(11)-(12): The Verve, Melbourne 3,800 m Point United States, Canada, and Australia: 16(8)-(9) Café Miroc, Paris 10,000 m point Netherlands: 17(8-9) Rodebaan, Amsterdam 5,800m Point Denmark, Sweden and Norway(13)-(14): The Riechtenberg, Copenhagen 3,