Starbucks and its coffee shop chain have yet to announce a profit for the year, but that hasn’t stopped the chain from making a big profit.

The coffee chain reported $2.1 billion in profit on $1.4 billion in revenue for the fourth quarter of 2018, and a $500 million operating profit on nearly $1 billion.

Starbucks is the largest U.S. coffee chain and also the largest coffee chain in the world.

The U.K. has been left with an uncertain future after the vote to leave the European Union.

Starbucks and the rest of the coffee industry, including its parent company Starbucks, are the biggest purchasers of coffee in the U.

Airlines, restaurants and even the city itself, have been hit hard by the fallout.

Starbucks has lost about 3 million coffee drinkers since the Brexit vote.

The company is expected to report a loss in the quarter, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Starbucks reported revenue of $1,831 million in the first quarter.

Starbucks stock fell 3.7 percent to $78.25.

The news comes just days after Starbucks announced plans to close its U.N. headquarters in the city of Washington, D.C.