San Antonio, TX—You might be thinking “why the heck would I need a bagel and a cup of coffee?”

Well, it turns out that the city of San Antonio has some great local restaurants to pair with some great coffee.

Bills, the beloved and iconic cafe in San Francisco, has become an unofficial coffee hub in the city.

Billing is known for its signature bagels and its unique baked goods, but the cafe also serves up some of the best cup of joe in the country.

The Billing Cafe was started in 1928 by William B. Banting, who opened the restaurant on Memorial Day weekend in 1928.

Bilingtons wife was an aspiring pastry chef, and the Billings restaurant served the family’s signature baked goods.

In the 1960s, the Banting family expanded the cafe to serve up a full range of coffee.

In addition to the traditional breakfast menu, Billing’s cafe also offers a variety of baked goods like chocolate truffles and cupcakes.

Byington’s Bakery is also a longtime Billing cafe and is home to some of San Antonios finest baked goods as well as some of Billing s best baked goods—like their famous brioche.

The bakery has also served as a hub for the San Antonio coffee community, as they have become a hub of coffee tourism for San Antonio residents.

The San Antonio Bakery & Pastry Co., a local specialty bakery, offers a menu that features both a full baked goods selection and a full-on coffee shop.

For breakfast, patrons can get the Breakfast Sandwich with a side of the Baking Biscuits, made with the best coffee beans in the state of Texas.

Then, after the morning is done, Byingtons specialty breakfast items are served with a selection of sandwiches, including the Baringa Bakery’s “Baked Bean,” made with coffee beans from the San Antones coffee estate.

The breakfast items at Billing are also a great way to warm up before heading out to your morning run.

The Bakery offers a full coffee shop and full bakery, as well.

A full bakery is a great place to shop for breakfast.

The full bakery will include all of the essential baked goods and other goodies you’ll need to make a great breakfast.

Then there are the baked goods in the bakery.

Baking beans are the beans you use to make your coffee.

They are ground into a powder and ground into flour to make cakes, cookies, muffins, muffin tarts, pancakes, cakes, pastries, and even pastries with chocolate and caramel.

The flour used to make the coffee is ground from corn, which is grown in the San Antonias coffee grounds.

Bangington Bakery also offers some other baked goods including their popular Coffee Cake, made using a combination of beans and coffee beans, and their popular “Peanut Butter” Cookies.

While the Bangingtons coffee is the best, the bakery has a wide variety of breakfast items that customers can find on their menu, including a variety that’s made with ground coffee beans.

Bamington Bakatory also offers several other baked foods, including their delicious peanut butter cookies.

Baringas Coffee is the specialty coffee that’s always a favorite for San Antonians.

The cafe is owned by a family that has been serving San Antonio for over 100 years.

The owners family is also the proprietor of a coffee shop in the neighborhood of San Jose, which also is a Barington Bakary.

The owner of Barings Cafe is his wife, Nancy Banting.

She’s the mother of the late San Antonio San Antonio chef, John Banting who passed away in 2013.

Batteringtons Bakery has been open for over 70 years, and it has become the hub of San Antons coffee tourism.

The café also offers breakfast at lunch time, with lunch and dinner seating available.

While Billing does serve coffee, it’s not an everyday breakfast in San Antonio.

You can find a full menu of breakfast and lunch items here.

For coffee lovers, the best part about Billing cafes breakfast is the selection of coffee beans they use.

The beans are ground to create coffee, which are then ground into puree, a paste, and then rolled into doughs that are baked.

The doughs are then baked until the coffee has an even golden color.

The baked goods at Bamingtons Bakary are also great choices for those looking to enjoy a quick bite and some coffee.