Rio’s grand cafe is opening its first menu in 18 months.

But first, you need to know where it’s located.

Rio is known for its pita bread and this new menu is one of a number of dishes which have been designed to appeal to a broader market.

“We’re really targeting a very broad range of people, including people who might not have a choice in terms of food or whether they want a sandwich,” says chef Alberto Vela, who has previously worked at the popular pita sandwich spot in Rio.

“For example, we’re catering to a very particular group of people and we’re aiming to give them a pâté, a burrito or a tortilla which is very different to the standard pâta.”

Pita bread is made with a mixture of wheat flour and cornmeal, which is then ground into flour to form a dough.

The dough is rolled into the shape of a round pita and then rolled to form patties.

“So it’s a little bit like an Indian roll,” says Vela.

“But instead of using the dough for the bread, we’ve taken the bread and the dough, and made it into a pitta.”

While this is a popular dish in the area, the menu is aimed at an even wider audience.

“I’m trying to reach more people, and if it’s the only thing that I do, then I’m OK,” Vela says.

The menu is being sold at three different locations.

The grand cafe will be the first to open on March 25.

The first cafe will offer pita rolls, tortillas and pattys, while the grand entrance will have pita sandwiches and a range of pita options.

There will also be a range.

At the entrance to the grand, you’ll find a line of customers waiting for a seat.

“We’re actually trying to get people to stand up in the back of the cafe to see the menu,” Vella says.

“The people who will actually get here will be people who are visiting the city or who have come for the first time and want to try something different.”

While there is limited seating in the grand area, there will be tables for diners to sit in and a kitchen with a bar and grill for customers to sit and enjoy.

Ricardo Bauza, head of the grand restaurant, says there will also not be just a menu at the venue.

“Our menu is really going to be the thing that will make the difference in the restaurant,” he says.