If you’re looking for a spot to grab a cup of coffee and some matcha in the middle of Tokyo, this might be the place for you.

A group of Japanese-American chefs have created a restaurant that serves Japanese cafe food, and it’s an impressive feat of culinary innovation.

Here are the five best ways to create an authentic Japanese cafe meal.1.

Shochu is an Americanized Japanese restaurant chain The name may be Japanese, but its Japanese roots extend well beyond its American origins.

Shuchu is a Japanese-style diner that specializes in traditional Japanese cuisine.

There’s a small selection of Japanese cuisine in Shochus menu, but there’s a ton of Japanese food in the restaurant as well.

You can enjoy a classic meal from the menu like a ramen bowl or sushi bar, or try new Japanese dishes like the sashimi and a sashikon.

If you’ve never tried Shochustain before, you’re in for a treat.

The menu is fairly small, and if you’re lucky enough to find a spot in the city, you might be able to snag some free items from the bar.2.

Kobo is a Korean-American restaurant chain Kobo has been serving Japanese food for over a decade.

There are quite a few restaurants in Tokyo with Korean names, and this is one of the few that have a menu that is fully Japanese.

Korean dishes are always popular here, and the menu here is definitely not an average Korean one.

The food here is incredibly well prepared, with dishes ranging from a grilled rice noodle dish to a crispy egg roll.

You’ll also find dishes like sushi and sake to go as well as Japanese cocktails like the mochi and sake.3.

Sushi Shops and Cafe is a small chain of Japanese restaurants with a menu dedicated to traditional Japanese cooking.

The concept is simple: you order a menu item, then you choose what to order and when.

Specially made sushi rolls are a staple at this chain, and while the food here may not be quite as popular as other Japanese restaurants, it’s still very good.4.

The Bunko Café is a restaurant specializing in the traditional Japanese sushi menu.

You order the menu, and then you pay a small fee for the item, which is included in your tab.

The only thing that might seem a bit strange is that you have to order something in the menu when you’re paying, but you’ll be able get it when you want it.

The prices are reasonable, and there are a ton if unique dishes that are only available in Japan.5.

Shokusake is a popular Japanese restaurant serving Japanese cooking and sushi at Shokusesake.

The name itself is a play on the word shokusu, which means “sushi bowl,” but it’s really the name of the restaurant itself that’s a bit of a misnomer.

Shoksakesake serves up a range of Japanese style dishes from traditional Japanese meals to more modern dishes like katsuo and tempura rolls.

They also have a few sushi dishes you can try, like the nigiri roll and the sushi roll, which you can order in a bowl or on a stick.