Posted January 14, 2019 06:07:56 The value of a meal at a major cafe can be the difference between a meal you get for under $15 and the same value at a $200 restaurant.

That’s what the Queensland Department of Food and Beverage is trying to figure out.

The department has launched a competition, the Best Value Restaurants, to test out the value of the best-value meal at cafes across Queensland.

“A lot of cafes, like the ones we are testing, are offering something you can only get at a high end restaurant,” the department’s chief executive officer, Andrew Leung, said.

For example, if you get the $200 meal at the Sydney Hotel, you can’t get the same meal at an all-you-can-eat restaurant.

“We are trying to find out what a reasonable value for a meal is in a high-end cafe,” he said.

“Is it worth it?

Does it have the same quality of service as the restaurant you are at?”

The department is also looking at what a meal costs in an average location in the city, and how much that compares to other places.

To test this, the department has taken into account how much money a meal can be expected to cost in other locations in the state, such as Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and the Gold Coast.

If the average cost of a high cost meal in an area is more than $500, then the department will consider that a reasonable option.

In the past, the best cafe value was about $200, but the department wants to get to $500.

It also wants to look at the value for money at different cafes.

A meal at one of the many Sydney cafes would cost around $200.

If you got the same lunch at the other Sydney cafe for the same price, it could be less than $200 in total.

Leung said the department had been looking at the price of a $500 meal in Sydney, and decided to include it as a part of the study.

“If you’re a Sydney person, you’re probably aware of how much it costs,” he explained.

He said the government had not put any limits on the number of cafes that would be eligible.

“There is no cap on how many cafes can enter,” he added.

There is a minimum of two entries per cafe.

Cafe owners can enter only one entry per cafe, and the cafe owner must have paid for the restaurant at the time of the competition.

Once entrants are selected, the competition closes on January 28.

This year’s winners will be announced on January 30.

For more information on the Bestvalue Restaurants competition, visit the department website.

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