Seven Mile cafe, a cafe in the CBD, has announced it will close in January.

The cafe has been in operation since 2012 and opened its doors to the public in October 2015.

It will be demolished by Keurigs Melbourne to make way for renovations at its cafe du Monde, which will be rebranded as a cafe du Jardin, and a cafe de Monde cafe.

Kurig CEO Peter Smith said the cafe had a long history of providing the CBD with a good coffee experience.

“We are so grateful to the community for supporting our business,” Mr Smith said.

“The new cafe will bring us even closer to our customers and provide more of a sense of community for our employees and patrons.”

Mr Smith said it would be an extremely challenging and difficult task for the new cafe owners to complete the renovations on time.

“For all the renovations to take place, we have to be very careful that the cafe is safe and that the workers and staff are doing a good job,” he said.

Korea, Belgium, and France to close coffee shopsBy Peter TaylorKorea has closed its first coffee shop in nearly six years after closing its first cafe in 2011.

French cafe chain La Félix has closed two cafes in the past two years.

French chain La Fleur has closed three cafes since it opened its first café in 2003.

Korean chain Cafe du Mond is the only coffee chain in the UK with three cafes.

A French cafe chain, La FÉlix, has been forced to close a second cafe in France, as its owners have decided to shut the cafe, which was a success.

Kirby, a coffee chain, has shut its first UK cafe in 20 years, after opening its first in 2002.

Its closure has been blamed on a rise in the price of coffee.

Karen, a local, said she was not surprised by the news, but was surprised by how quickly the business had been affected.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had coffee in this area.

I’ve been here since before the city opened up.

I think people are not used to it, it’s not something they’ve done in their lives,” Ms Karen said.

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