Posted August 19, 2020 05:03:28The first NorthStar coffee cafe racer, which has been in development for almost a year, will hit the road this summer.

The NorthStar Cafe Racer is a cafe racer concept that will be introduced to Australia in 2019.

The concept is a two-seat, all-wheel drive, cafe racer with two seaters and two pedals.

It is designed to be driven on roads with steep inclines and steep turns, as well as to be capable of being pulled by two people.

NorthStar CEO Chris Smith said the cafe racer was the ideal cafe racer for a country that is home to the country’s most vibrant cafe culture.

“We’re looking at a whole new landscape and culture in Australia that is coming together,” he said.

“The NorthStars Cafe Racer concept is the first cafe racer that has been developed in this country in a long time.”

This is a really unique concept and we’re looking forward to seeing how it will perform in the real world.

“It’s an opportunity for us to bring a new level of cafe culture and an entirely new way of doing business.”

NorthStar has been developing the cafe concept for about a year and has been able to successfully complete all of the initial design, manufacturing and testing, Smith said.

The cafe racer is a coffee bar concept that can be driven by two or three people, or in a cafe environment, or both.

It can also be driven for the first time at the NorthStar Arcade cafe in Melbourne, Smith added.

“You can drive it on an urban road or a rural road and you can go down the road and back up,” he explained.

“There’s an open space to the side, so you can drive through the streets.”

Smith said the NorthStars concept was designed to provide the best cafe experience, which would include:The concept will include three seats, two pedals and a steering wheel.

It is the second cafe racer to be built in Australia, following the Northstar Concept Café Racer, which was launched in 2019 and went on to win a gold medal at the 2018 NAB Show.

“I’m excited that NorthStar is building on this successful history,” he added.

“The Northstar Cafe Racer will be the perfect way to celebrate the country that’s home to one of the most vibrant cafes in the world.”

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