The Australian Capital Territory is home to some of the most exciting jobs in Australia.

But there are plenty of people who simply want to spend their day doing something they love.

And they are not the only ones looking for work in Canberra.

A new study shows how much of Canberra’s job market is open to those who love the city.

The report, commissioned by the Australian Capital University, also found that Canberra is home by far to the best job market in the country.

And while it is a small city, the job market there is booming.

The ACT’s unemployment rate is the lowest in the nation at 2.1 per cent.

So why do so many Australians get so much work?

Canberra is one of the safest and most developed cities in the world.

In recent years, the ACT has seen a number of high-profile deaths.

In February, it was reported that a man had been stabbed to death outside a nightclub in the ACT’s east.

It was also revealed that in 2014, a man was found dead inside a Canberra hotel.

And in 2015, an 18-year-old was killed in the city while out with friends.

Many of the young people who move to Canberra are looking for a stable job, but there is no shortage of jobs available.

The number of people looking for jobs has risen from around 40 per cent of the city’s population in 2014 to 45 per cent today.

In 2016, there were almost a million Australians aged 15-24 looking for full-time jobs.

The research also found people who lived in the CBD were more likely to be employed than those who lived further afield.

When you combine that with Canberra’s location, there are a number more options than you would expect.

While most people living in the suburbs are more likely than those living in Canberra to work part-time, the population living in regional areas and cities is significantly more likely.

And it is this regional population that is finding more jobs.

Canberra’s employment rate is just under 1 per cent, but this is only due to the regional workforce being smaller than the national workforce.

“We’re actually seeing more people coming from regional areas into the ACT than we would expect based on population,” said Amanda Higgs, an assistant professor at the University of Canberra.

A strong regional job market isn’t just a boon for people looking to move to Australia.

It’s also helping the city attract talent and people who want to work in the area.

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