Barrio Cafe, the popular Cuban cafe serving up Cuban food, has closed down in the city of Barrio.

The Cuban cafe, which serves up a wide variety of Cuban food including grilled pork loin, veal and seafood, announced the closure on its Facebook page late Tuesday night.

The closure came as the Cuban government is struggling to overcome its budget crunch, and has been criticized for its slow pace in passing new regulations.

Barrio Café has long been the place to go for Cuban food.

Its owner, Maria Maria Torres, opened the restaurant in 2010.

It serves up Cuban fare including the famous pachapampa pork loins, fried chicken and tacos.

The cafe, located in the center of Barrick, is located just steps from the old town of Barricos in Barrio de la Plata.

It has served up the best Cuban food in the neighborhood for decades.

The Cuban-American community in Barrico has long welcomed the cafe with open arms.