Zao, or Chinese for “thank you” is a Chinese cafe that opened in the Philippines in February.

It was named after a young Vietnamese girl, whose mother was killed by the Japanese army in the 1940s.

The cafe was named in honor of the victim, Zao Minh Tran, who was killed in a Japanese military concentration camp.

The family opened the cafe in 2015.

The restaurant, named after Tran’s late mother, opened its doors in March.

Zao opened its second location in February, this time in the capital, Manila.

It is named after the woman who opened the restaurant, Zua Minh.

The Zao cafe is run by a Vietnamese woman, Zoa Minh Hoang, who also opened a Vietnamese restaurant in Tokyo.

Her husband, Nguyen Van Thanh, opened the Vietnamese restaurant, Trang Hung in January 2017.

Zoa is the only Vietnamese in the restaurant.

The Vietnamese community in Manila is also upset with Zao’s name and that of the restaurant and the owner.

Zau Hao Nguyen, a Filipino who was born and raised in the city, said Zao is the first restaurant that has opened in Manila and the first Vietnamese restaurant that he has been in.

“Zao is an insult to the Vietnamese community.

It has been over 30 years since I first came here.

My family members were forced to flee from Vietnam,” Nguyen said.

“I was only 13 when my mother died.

I still remember when I was 15, I was living in the refugee camp and I saw her dying.

That’s when I first thought about opening Zao.”

He said the Vietnamese population in the country is growing, but the restaurant is a symbol of their suffering and suffering continues.

He said if Zao can open another restaurant in the future, it will be a symbol that their suffering will be remembered.

He also said they should stop naming the Vietnamese food after the dead.

Nguyen said they have to recognize that the restaurant serves Vietnamese people and the city is a reflection of the country.

“It is important for Filipinos to remember the history of the people of the city and to give thanks to their families,” Nguyen told Al Jazeera.

He added that when he came to the Philippines, he wanted to start a business and be successful.

“In my early years, I started a restaurant and I worked for a year.

I had dreams, but I never realized it,” he said.

In addition to the restaurant Zao serves Vietnamese food, it also serves Asian food, including Chinese and Taiwanese food.

Vietnamese people also live in the area, but it is not as big as other parts of Manila.

The food is usually served in Vietnamese restaurants in areas where there are a lot of Chinese restaurants.

“The name of the food and the way the restaurant looks, is the reflection of how people in that area perceive the city,” Nguyen added.

“When I came to Manila, I saw that there were a lot restaurants.

I didn’t know what to expect.

I wanted to open my own restaurant, but this is what happened.”

Nguyen said Zoa and his wife have been working in the business since they arrived in the nation.

“My wife’s father is Vietnamese.

He worked in the military, but she grew up in Vietnam,” he added.

Nguyen also said the owner has a wife and two children.

“If she wants to come here, I will welcome her,” Nguyen vowed.