A cotton patch coffee shop is one of the most visited places in Australia, and if you’re looking for a place to spend the day and unwind with a drink, there are plenty of options.

However, you’ll need to book in advance to reserve a table, so you might be better off looking at cafes that offer a more limited menu, or even just sit at one with other patrons.

That’s where the Cotton Patch Cafe comes in.

The cafe is located in a building with a small wooden bar that serves up coffee and tea.

While this may sound a little overwhelming, you can pick your own seat and enjoy a cup of joe.

It’s a good idea to grab a drink before arriving, as you can’t expect to be able to enjoy a cafe while you’re there.

You’ll be offered a seat, a coffee, and a cup if you book before the cafe opens, so make sure you reserve your seat by the time you arrive.

Once you’ve had your coffee, you’re free to wander around the cafe, while others wait to join you.

As you wait, you could enjoy a picnic, a snack, or simply enjoy a few drinks, all in one place.

We’ve taken our time making sure the Cotton Pits cafe is a comfortable place to hang out and relax.

Check out our guide to Cotton Pots cafe locations in Sydney.

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