The Queen has unveiled her plan to transform the Queen Elizabeth Way with a new canopy road to be built across the capital.

The road will be designed to cut traffic in half and increase the use of cycling and walking, according to a press release from the Queen’s Secretaries of State.

It is designed to link the new road, the Princess Margaret and the new Queen Elizabeth Tower, with the River Dee, which the Queen will open to pedestrians in 2020.

The new canopy is designed so that it will be able to fit between the new roads and the river Dee, meaning it will help to make the river more accessible.

The Queen has made it her priority to build the new canopy on the river.

“It will be an iconic bridge that will bring the Queen to the people, not just in the capital but around the world,” said Mrs Thatcher.

“I have been very clear that it is our priority to bring the new river to life and this project is a fantastic example of the Government’s commitment to delivering the project.”

The Queen’s decision is seen as a major step in her plan for a more green future.

The announcement follows a major study that revealed a 40 per cent reduction in air pollution from road traffic compared to 2010, according the Environment Agency.

The study found the canopy road would be able in theory to cut air pollution by 70 per cent compared to the current Queen Elizabeth lane, which is currently being used for a pedestrian bridge.

“We have now delivered a major breakthrough on the path to a greener future,” said the Queen.

“This is an exciting time for the nation, and I look forward to a brighter future for our country in the years to come.”

The project has been funded by the UK government.

The Queen will receive £2.6 million.

The project will also benefit from a £50 million grant from the European Union to support the design and construction of the new lane.

“This project is the culmination of years of hard work and we are delighted to be bringing it to fruition,” said Margaret Thatcher.

“I want to thank all the people of this country for their support.”