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A small business owner and her family were visiting a nearby park for the first time in a long while, and she was happy to see the cute and furry animals.

She had no idea she would have to get a license.

“I had no clue that this was a big deal,” she said.

For the first few months, she only allowed her dog and cat to go into the park alone, which is when she started getting complaints from park rangers.

“The parks rangers were telling me, ‘Oh, this is for pets only,’ and they were asking for IDs,” she recalled.

She was shocked.

“I went to the park ranger and said, ‘I’ve never been asked to give my ID.

I’m not allowed to go anywhere alone with my dog or cat,’ ” she said, explaining she was not happy to be treated differently.

But, after getting a license, the park ranger said the rangers had been working with the county to find a better solution.

“They said that it was better to let me go to the same park where my dog and my cat were and not worry about what happens with them,” she explained.

She started looking for an alternative to the police officers.

She went to a local pet store and got a small puppy named Chico, who was adopted by the park and brought into the community.

“Chico has done a great job for me and my family,” she remembered.

And now, Chico is enjoying a new life in a foster home.

The family has also gotten a new puppy and cat, a two-year-old dog named Stace.

With the help of local shelters, the family has helped raise $30,000 for the rescue of the two animals.

“We’re trying to do what we can to help them survive,” she added.

“And it’s been a blessing, because the more we do this, the more people we meet, the better we feel about it,” she continued.